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Filling the well is about the study of 3 Geniuses of our time. How they tapped into their genius creativity and how you can too!

Goal Setting

The correct behaviours are what determine your results. In this ebook we cover 8 powerful habits to transform the way to take on your life, closing “cycles” and reaching your goals sooner than you expect!


In this Ebook set we cover some of the key aspects around How to shift your mindset to attract anything your want in life!

Nurturing Stregths

People now a days are talking too much about what we don’t have… The skill we need to learn or what ever we need to do to achieve positive results. I feel there is not enough based on working on our strengths. You will want to work through this one!

Up Coming Live Events

Check out all the free events I believe have great value On and Offline! Keep coming back here cause I will always be updating the content and free events!

Sales & Leadership Mastery Complimentary 3hr Event

Barry Mitchell is considered one of the top sales & mindset trainers in the world. He hosts regular 3hour free events all around Gauteng. Click here —> find out more

Filling The Well Ebook

Quick 20 min read ebook that teaches about the creativity, of 3 Genius creatives of our time. Earnest Hemmingway, Pablo Picasso and Paul Mccartney.

Power Habits

8 Ways to Boost Productivity & Reach Your Goals Sooner!

The Productive Entrepreneur

45 Insightful Tips To Motivate, Encourage & Energise The Entrepreneur To Greater Heights of Productivity

Behaviour Based Goal Setting

Part 1
How to Utilise BBGS
How to Quantify BBGS
BBG 101
Give Yourself Time
& Much More!

Behaviour Based Goal Setting

Part 2
What is BBGS
Manage Yourself
Manage Others

Latest from the blog…

6 Signs That You Are A Chronic Procrastinator

Let he who is blameless cast the first stone… deafening silence. We are all guilty of procrastinating but to varying degrees. Is it having such a serious impact on your life that it’s starting to affect your happiness and ability to achieve your goals? There are signs that may indicate your procrastination problem is a chronic one. Here are some “symptoms” of chronic procrastination, Do any of these signs sound like you?

4 Essential Steps for Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

The limiting beliefs that you are told your entire life shape everything that you do. They have even prevented you from seeing opportunities and reaching your goals. To identify the limiting beliefs in your life, you have to ask yourself why things aren’t working out.

Creating a Mental Movie to Achieve Your Goals

We all have something in life that we want to achieve, do we? Most of the time we don’t know how to go about achieving these goals. Often when we do know how to go about achieving them we just allow ourselves to fail by simply giving up. Creating a mental movie can increase your chances of success as it is a creative and simple way to program your mind.

3 Simple Steps to Reprogram Your Mind

It is a known fact that our minds, more specifically our subconscious minds, control our lives. We are what we think or believe. Research has shown that there is a mind-body connection and that the mind can help us overcome anything.