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Its flippin irritating to write a post and then reload the page without saving!!! So anyways, today is Day 1 of 90 of increasing training and productivity. Training is easier to measure because I have a goal to gain 8KG’s of lean muscle within the next 90 days or get as close and humanly possible. The main purpose is to train 11 sessions every week, mixing between Crossfit, Gym and running. Now that might seem counter intuitive but I don’t see the purpose in being big. I prefer a lean proportionate body that is flexible and healthy. Can endure short runs up to 10KM and be a strong lifter.

Cause I already wrote this post (really don’t know what happened to autosave…) and need to get to bed because its 11:41pm and I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to get 6-7hours sleep during the week, when possible.

Today was a really lazy run but tomorrow will push harder and further. I try to run it as fast as possible, doing my best not to exceed 30 min cause Im looking for power over a prolonged time instead of loads of stamina. Plus the running will make me reduce weight so I wana be careful with too much running cause the plan is to run everyday. Its the most time effective training.

Second session was Crossfit… I really enjoy it cause its as close to professional judo gym as I can do. High intensity and only 1 hour. Today’s WOD (Workout Of the Day) was

9x Hang Cleans (43Kg)
10x Burpees
10x Wall balls (7.5Kg)
200m Wall ball Run (That was interesting)
All of this as many reps as possible within 20 min. Today i did 6.


I really enjoyed today’s training and looking forward to the next couple of days cause by the the end of the day, I have gotten myself used to just calling it a day, spending time with my wife and then working till late. The goal is to still do that just maybe and hour and a half less 🙂

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